Digital Transformation is Just the Start: True Innovation is Driven by a Culture of Inclusion

By Dave Spencer, SAP North America
Cloud computing, predictive analytics, Internet of Things and other disruptive technologies have vastly transformed legacy business models, giving organizations the tools to enable quick, data-driven planning and optimize resource allocation at record speeds. However, the rates at which businesses and leadership are strategically transforming their operations are not equal across the board.

SAP and Oxford Economics recently released the first Leaders 2020 study that surveyed over 4,000 senior executives and employees at major organizations across the globe, uncovering the four core commonalities shaping the upward growth and momentum of these “digital winners”:

  • Embrace digital technologies by embedding innovation in all aspects of the organization
  • Base decision-making on data and analytics at every level of an organization
  • Reduce complexity and provide employees with the latest technology
  • Train employees and executives to become digitally-proficient

These leadership traits may seem intuitive, but there is a large gap between those who respond to technological disruption, and those who remain stagnant and adverse to change despite the rising speed of industry innovation. Regionally, the study found that only 6 percent of northeastern U.S. companies meet these standards and can be classified the aforementioned “digital winner” – this is compared to a global standard of 16%.

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