Digital Disruption Takes Center Stage on April 4

Digital disruption is well underway. On April 4, it takes center stage at Phorum 2019: Becoming a Digital Disruptor – Re-imagining Technology, Experiences, and Talent.

As Philadelphia’s premier enterprise technology conference, Phorum 2019 draws industry thought leaders and hand’s on practitioners to explore the perspectives of both attackers and incumbents across three key themes, emerging technology, hyper-personalized experiences, digital and AI talent, that will define which companies will win the digital disruption game.

Here’s what to expect at Phorum 2019 and why this event is a “must attend” for CIOs, CTOs and other business and technology executives focused on how enterprises can maximize the business value of specific technologies and innovation.

Re-imagining the Future of Work: How to Help Humans Thrive When They Work Alongside AI

Sam Stern, Forrester (Principal Analyst, Customer Experience Research Practice)

Companies must intentionally design their future employee experiences to harness the advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, while still ensuring a starring role for the humanity of their “flesh and blood” employees.  Forrester Principal Analyst Sam Stern will lay out the promise and the peril of integrating AI alongside humans and describe three principles for designing future employees experiences that ensure firms can attract and retain great human talent.

AI Breakthroughs (Cognitive)

Kevin Jestice, Vanguard | Mike Tirozzi, iRobot |Scott Snyder, Heidrick Consulting

According to Deloitte, 63% of enterprise executives say their AI initiatives are needed to catch up with rivals or at best, open a narrow lead.  This means AI is no longer in the experimental phase but is being thrust ahead as a strategic capability.  But the broad range of AI applications from Natural Language Processing and Chat Bots to Machine Learning and Autonomous Vehicles are creating enormous pressures on enterprises to choose where to invest in technology, talent and partnerships.  These investments must also consider the real ability of the organization to integrate the new ways of working that go along with AI-based applications.  This panel will explore some of the tough choices both startups and established enterprises are having to make in keeping up with the AI wave.

Blockchain/Security Breakthroughs (Trusted)

Ken Nessel, Pfizer | Jess Turner, Mastercard | Debjani Mohanty, NIIT Technologies | Oleksander Rivkind, SigmaLedger | Tim Coates, Synechron

Trust is the foundation for all businesses. Since the dawn of modern world, such trust is established and ensured by regulators, government agencies, consortiums, etc. to carry out business activities across various entities spanning multiple geographies. This business model enables secured business networks through central authorities, it results in business friction causing long transaction life cycle, delays, increased costs and inherent business risks. That’s one major reason why many business transactions are so expensive, inefficient and vulnerable. This panel of global Blockchain SMEs will explore the advancements in Blockchain technologies to enable ‘Trust’ and establish ‘Security,’ which in turn can disrupt and transform the current business models across major industries.

Hyper-Personalized Experiences Panel (Immersive) 

Abhi Ingle, AT&T Business | Brock Weatherup, Petco | Clemens Aichholzer, HireVue | Sam Stern, Forrester

Digital interactions are not just about web and mobile.  Experiences are being delivered across a broad range of touch points like interactive surfaces, voice agents, mixed reality and new modes of interaction like gestures, bio-sensing, and haptic feedback.  Personalization is no longer just about device and location, but also about situation, context, and emotion.  Companies must continue to evolve to meet the rising expectations of consumers to allow them to interact anywhere, anyway, and anytime.  This panel will explore how interactions are changing and how both incumbents and new entrants are innovating to keep pace.

Capstone Session – Rethinking Organizations and Talent

Stephen Bailey, ExecOnline | Claudia Crummenerl, Capgemini Invent

Some estimates put the relevant talent pool at around 2% of what will be needed for future digital organizations. This includes the 3D’s – Design, Development and Data Sciences as well as new skills that will emerge such as AI designers and product incubation managers. Attracting and developing these new skills and executing on new digital initiatives will require companies to rethink their talent models, organization design and culture.  In this world of gig talent, employees no longer work for companies, but rather companies work for employees.  This capstone panel will explore some of the key talent-related challenges and opportunities facing companies and their leaders in the era of digital disruption.

Join us in Philadelphia on April 4, for Phorum 2019 so you and your enterprise can benefit from both expert perspectives on accelerating technical developments and peer discussions on their transformative impact on existing industries and business models.

Visit the Phorum website to view the full agenda, confirmed speakers and to register today.

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