Dell Boomi 2017 Predictions: A glimpse into the future of business and personal technology

Virtualization and Cloud executives share their predictions for 2017.  Read them in this 9th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Michael Morton, Chief Technology Officer of Dell Boomi

A glimpse into the future of business and personal technology

1.      Voice Commands for Business

Last year I discussed the anticipated increase in the use of voice and body gestures to accomplish tasks. During the course of 2016, you saw a lot of media exposure and a rapidly growing ecosystem around the Amazon Echo, then the release by Apple of SiriKit, and the availability of Google Home. There is a subtle situation happening here as to why until now the majority of investments in the voice space has been targeting the consumer market. One way to increase the odds of a technology being adopted and trusted by a business is to first evolve it in the consumer space. This is precisely what is happening and most people don’t even realize it. As more people evolve with voice devices in the home, there will be a natural extension to want to accomplish more and more activities via voice in the workplace, or on-the-go. In 2017, we’ll begin to see voice enablement take off for business purposes.

For example, let’s say I’m a salesperson on the road, and I want to see a list of customers in a five-mile radius who are up for renewal over the next three months. If I can get this information right away, perhaps I can set up useful face-to-face meetings. Thanks to real-time, cloud-based data integration, instead of manually interfacing with an application, or even worse, calling the office and having a sales assistant run a report, what if I can just speak the command into my phone? Additionally, making this even more efficient through intelligent integration: I don’t have to explain where I am since the geolocation is automatically incorporated into the search. I don’t have to explain my role since the system knows who I am. I also don’t have some cumbersome login because I’m already authenticated in via my phone through my fingerprint reader. Seconds later, I receive a list of my sales contacts via email, complete with the contact information I need to begin making calls.

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