Contour Now Offers an On-site Demo Lab for Technology Test Drives!

Scalable. Safe. Simple.

Join Contour and discover the “best kept secret” in the storage industry with Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage. Learn how Fujitsu architected world-class storage performance with a revolutionary, new 7th generation ETERNUS S3 series.

Deploying the ETERNUS DX90 S2 offers the following benefits:

  • Maximum utilization of available storage resources through thin provisioning
  • High performance, simplicity, and convergence through the ability to mix FC high-speed connections at 8Gbit/s, 10GvE iSCSI, or 10GbE FCoE
  • Extended data protection for business continuity and recovery through remote replication and local mirroring
  • Ease of use through ETERNUS SF Express management software
  • Improved scalability through support for 2 to 240 drives
  • Energy savings through ECO-mode, which spins down inactive disks (MAID), and a choice of small form factor 2.5² drives
  • Enhanced security through storage controller-based encryption for data at rest

Come in and visit Contour’s on-site Demo Lab to test drive our cloud-connected backup + recovery and IT storage solutions for yourself. Gain familiarity with IT products before you buy.

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