Change in CapCon 2020 Finale

A Note from PACT Capital Conference Director:

We have a change in our Lion’s Den Finale lineup for September 24.

  1. Lion’s Den – will begin at 10:00 AM.  You will want to see it from the beginning. Countdown begins at 9:55 AM.  (See link below)
  2. The Gala Networking Lounge will begin at 11:30 AM
    1. This session is sponsored by our Gala Sponsors Grant Thornton and Troutman Pepper.  While it is not our traditional Gala it promises to be fun!  Join us for 30 minutes.  It is easy to sign into the networking lounge through the link and then double click into any table at any time to see your colleagues, featured companies, sponsors, investors and folks you just want to connect with.  No table is off limits (See link below)
    2. This room is spectacular in its ease for networking. Remember, part of your access to the virtual conference is to take advantage of the networking element whether for 5 or 30 minutes.

Below are the links to connect to the programs!

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Watch the Lion’s Den Finale in YouTube Live:


11:30 AM – 12:00 PM:
Networking Lounge


For optimal Networking Lounge experience, click HERE to test your browser and HERE for a getting started FAQ.

For more info on Featured Companies, Speakers, and to connect with fellow attendees, visit our interactive conference platform HERE. (Access code CAPCON2020)

Now, let’s show our community how to virtually have fun on 9/24….join us!


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PACT Recognizes Technology and Healthcare Innovation and Leaders in the Philadelphia Region at 2020 Enterprise Awards Live Broadcast

Philadelphia, PA., September 9, 2020 PACT, the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies, celebrated the Philadelphia region’s technology and healthcare innovators and leaders tonight at the 27th Annual Enterprise Awards, which also included a sprinkling of celebrity testimonials. This live digital broadcast recognized 28 outstanding individuals and organizations through nine competitive categories, audience choice selections, and the Digital Innovation Honoree (Penn Medicine).

PACT announced in July that it was pivoting its 2020 Enterprise Awards to a free studio-based, live digital broadcast. Contributions continue to be accepted to the PACT Foundation, as the organization works to remove financial barriers to access for underrepresented entrepreneurs to PACT membership, mentorship, and programming. Support for PACT’s mission and the Philadelphia entrepreneurial ecosystem stood strong and ever present during the broadcast. The night ended with PACT’s President and CEO, Dean Miller, calling on the audience to spend some time connecting with an entrepreneur so that we can work together to build a more inclusive innovation community.

“The Enterprise Awards remain the most competitive and admired business awards in the region. While we all continue to work through challenging times, it was important that we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals and companies,” said Dianne Strunk, Vice President at PACT. “This pivot to a live digital broadcast allowed us to showcase the vitality and success of our technology and healthcare leaders to a wider audience.”

Judges sorted through hundreds of award submissions to select the 2020 Enterprise Awards winners:

  • Healthcare Innovator: Tridiuum – Philadelphia, PA
  • Healthcare CEO: JeanMarie Markham, Clinlogix – Lower Gwynedd Township, PA
  • Healthcare Emerging: Camber Spine Technologies – King of Prussia, PA
  • Healthcare Startup: Quil – Philadelphia, PA
  • Technology Company: InstaMed – Philadelphia, PA
  • Technology CEO: John Castleman, Mobiquity – Chester County, PA
  • Technology Emerging: Perpay – Philadelphia, PA
  • Technology Startup: Cesium – Philadelphia, PA
  • Investment Deal: Spark Therapeutics – Philadelphia, PA

New for the 27th Year, the audience had a chance to vote for the top five Audience Choice Awards:

  • 1st Place Winner: iPipeline
  • 2nd Place Winner: Tridiuum
  • 3rd Place Winner: Benefits Data Trust
  • 4th Place Winner: ZeroEyes
  • 5th Place Winner: Quil

PACT also recognized Penn Medicine as the Digital Innovation award honoree for the creation of its Immune Health Report, a software platform integrating information across its health system to enable real-time clinical decision support and research discoveries in cancer immunotherapy. World-renowned for clinical, educational, and research excellence, Penn Medicine is one of the nation’s top academic medical centers. Its Information Services Department develops and manages technology that supports the day-to-day clinical, research, educational, financial, and management operations.

About Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT)

PACT’s vision is to be the go-to resource for fast growing companies, and a driver of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Philadelphia region. PACT provides its members with valuable content and connections to capital, customers, and talent that will accelerate their growth and success, and to collaborate with other organizations to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Please visit for more information.


Media Contact:

Amanda Nardi Di Filippo


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Reintroducing the Workforce to the New “Normal” Post COVID 19

We are all very immersed in supporting our companies and families during this global pandemic. With this comes a new set of challenges, that we don’t normally see as business continuity professionals, but are well within our skillset and should be brought forth to the appropriate areas of leadership. The goal is to ensure continuity of operations, or organizational resilience. 

I would like to take a different approach to continuity, one that will hopefully become extremely relevant, soonEmployee comfort and security first, operational adjustments second. 

Read full blog post.


Innovation in Times of Crisis: Be the Hero for Your Customers

Written by Mike Welsh, Chief Creative Officer, Mobiquity

The old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” is truer now than ever before. As the world reacts to living through a global pandemic, we reflected on other times we’ve implemented creative solutions to survive. According to Hubspot, the following companies were created during the 2008-09 financial crisis:

  • Venmo
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp
  • Square
  • Groupon

These companies were created to help people and businesses navigate a difficult time. While popular opinion is that starting a company during a global crisis is a bad idea, providing the market with a resource that solves a new unmet need makes for perfect timing.

What technologies will define the COVID-19 pandemic?

There have been numerous ways that communities and businesses have stepped up to make life easier during a time with so many unknowns. Technologies that were just beginning to gain acceptance have quickly become mainstream and companies that already invested in these technologies easily transitioned to life with social distancing. That’s because they made contactless experiences possible so that employees and customers were safe from the coronavirus.

One of the biggest heroes to come from the pandemic has been curbside delivery and pickup. This offering has been a huge saving grace for many consumers who want to support their local restaurants and shops without putting anyone at risk. Companies with established programs have also benefited as consumers have shifted their usual shopping habits to digital ones.

In addition to curbside delivery, we’ve witnessed many other digital innovations gain speed as the pandemic enforced limitations on in-person interactions, such as:

And we predict we’ll see even more inventions as the months roll on. Companies that don’t have their own mobile app are finding that customers are turning to apps like Instacart, DoorDash, and UberEats to get what they need. While all of these experiences are good, business leaders have the opportunity now – while we’re deep in this global pandemic – to stand out by solving their customers’ unmet needs.

But what completely new technologies will emerge from the pandemic?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but past experience tells us to look for points of friction to uncover the birth of new technologies and companies. These include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Homeschooling – With millions of children likely to be engaged in virtual learning for at least part of the 2020/21 school year, how can leaders improve upon the challenges of remote learning? Cloud migration will likely be a key to success.
  • Social distancing – Having to consistently maintain separation from other people creates challenges that technology may be able to solve. How can companies help people accurately track who they’ve come into contact with for contact tracing? How could technology ensure they are maintaining the correct distance from others?
  • Transportation – What solutions can technology offer to alleviate transportation issues as more people work from home while others need to find new ways to get to work without public transit? Or if consumers must use public transit, how could technology help them make choices that keep them safe?
  • Access to food and beverages – While many companies have figured this out with curbside, some are still struggling. Specifically, the adult beverage industry has been challenged by the reopening phases. Digital identity verification could be a huge game changer for them.
  • Personal care – Getting a haircut has been a hot button topic. What companies or new resources will emerge to help people feel good during these challenging times?
  • Shopping and celebrations – As we approach the latter half of 2020, many are wondering what happens as we get closer to the holidays. What will companies do to be the hero for their customers during Christmas in the time of COVID?

What innovations will you implement to provide great customer experiences?

If you’re starting to think about how you can get innovative during the global pandemic, let’s talk. Mobiquity’s experts spend their days thinking about digital strategies, creative innovations, and transformations that will make consumers’ lives easy. Reach out today to get the conversation started.

KPMG Spark helps small businesses

The variety of services offered by KPMG Spark allow our clients to grow, develop, and focus on things that matter most. Our services take the responsibilities of bookkeeping and give you all your necessary financial information at the touch of a button or from a quick call to your dedicated bookkeeper. Our contributions not only help you save time so you can focus on other aspects of your business, but it also gives you the information you need in an efficient, presentable, and tax-ready format.

New member of your team

When you use KPMG Spark’s services, you not only receive access to our one of a kind software but you also receive a dedicated bookkeeper that you can contact who keeps track of your books and is there at your service. Your bookkeeper is there to serve you and you can always reach out to them with concerns, questions, or even just updates about your company.

Our bookkeepers enjoy helping their clients and getting to know them and their respective industries. It is so easy to stay in contact with your bookkeeper, you can call or text them when you need information, advice, or consultation. One of our own account leads stated, “Clients LOVE having a live bookkeeper that they can text, call, or email. So many will text me receipts, email me wanting a quick call, or need me to set up a meeting with a CPA. They love having someone working with them on it all.” Having a personal bookkeeper that you can stay in contact with is one of our most popular services as it helps you stay up to date with your books.

Our bookkeepers work at your pace so you can always be on the same page. This helps our small business clients have the books in order at all stages in their growth. One of our startup clients recently commented, “the bookkeeping team is incredibly responsive and helpful which is critical given the fast pace of our growing business”. KPMG Spark is so much more than a bookkeeping software company, we want to add value to your business. Your dedicated bookkeeper keeps up with you so you can be readily informed of the standing of your business and so you can focus on other, more pressing matters at any given moment.

“Our biggest time saver”

As a small business, doing bookkeeping on your own can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. KPMG Spark takes the bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, invoices, and so much more off your plate so you can focus on what really needs your attention. As one of our clients recently stated, “[Spark] fuses together some of our most time-intensive tasks into a single platform, streamlining our accounting through to taxes”. Here are just some of the services we can take off your hands.

Online bookkeeping

Just connect all your accounts, and we’ll reconcile your books, securely and quietly in the background. No more monthly reconciliation. Bookkeeping made simple by yours truly.

Tax preparation

We simplify the tax preparation process for you so you can focus on what matters: the day-to-day of your business. Then when you need your tax documents, we’ll already have them ready for you.


Track mileage and other expenses in our unified interface that seamlessly flows into your books and reimbursement processes. Our software has been designed specifically so you can have access to everything you need in a simplified interface that you can see whenever you need it.

These services, as well as others found at, allow you to put more of your time into other aspects of your business like product development, marketing, hiring employees, training, culture development, and other time-intensive tasks for small businesses. As some of our business clients have commented, “Switching over to Spark allowed me to gain more control over the creative part of my business” and “Spark makes it easy for me to focus on my customers and not spending my time worried about… my books”. We make time for your books so you can take time for vital parts of your business.

Let our accounting experience help your business thrive

The combination of our software and our accounting professionals working with you is unmatched and creates a system that allows a business to streamline its efforts to achieve stability and profit. With customizable monthly reports and tax-ready information, all the information you need is right at your fingertips. A startup partner of ours recently commented, “The customizable monthly reports allow us to present our financial picture in a professional and crisp layout.” Our software allows your information to be readily available so you can stay up to date and keep other parts of your business on the same page with your finances.

In order to keep your business alive and healthy, your finances and financial decisions need to be on the same page. For example, when you get a new plant you have to know how often and how much you need to water it to keep it alive and healthy. Likewise, with your business, you cannot spend too much or too little money or you will inhibit its growth. KPMG Spark’s services work with your business as the info sheet that comes with your plant to provide you the financial information you need to stay up to date with your finances and keep your business alive and healthy. The information we give you works so you can know how much to ‘water’ your business so it continues to thrive.

Let’s spark something

Here at KPMG Spark, we love helping small businesses with their online accounting so they can grow to their full potential. We’ve had many clients over the years that have continually shown positive growth with our help. The accounting system for small businesses that we have developed is a combination of our one of a kind software and a dedicated bookkeeper and CPA to help get your books in order. No need to stress about getting things ready for tax season or getting all your expenses in order, your bookkeeper’s got it covered. Online bookkeeping is our bread and butter and we can take it off your shoulders so you can get back to what makes your business yours. One of our clients said it best, “With KPMG, I finally feel like my business matters.”

To learn more, please contact Jay Daugherty and Andrew Cherry, KPMG LLP.

Alvie Johnson Joins DSA to Lead Business Development Operations

FAIRFAX, VA – August 31, 2020 – Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA) announced today that Alvie Johnson joined DSA as Senior Vice President, Business Development. He is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing DSA growth strategies and business development operations. “We are excited to have such a talented executive join our team as we continue to grow our customer base and industry partnerships” stated Fran Pierce, DSA’s Chairman and CEO.

Mr. Johnson most recently served as the Vice President for Army Accounts for ALL POINTS LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Corporation located in Reston, VA. Mr. Johnson has served as the Principal Enterprise Lead for Lockheed Martin, ISGS and Senior Associate, Business Development for Booz Allen Hamilton where he oversaw US Navy, Marine, and Army Markets. In this role, Mr. Johnson developed and coordinated teaming for strategic opportunities with a value greater than $50M. Mr. Johnson has also held various business development and technical roles for Data Solutions and Technology, LEIDOS, AT&T, TelCove and CRGT.

He is a strong supporter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), Mr. Johnson has provided over twenty continuous years of outstanding leadership and service to the AFCEA community, currently serving as the Regional Vice President for AFCEA National Capital Region. He also serves as the Prince William County Representative to Northern Virginia Community College Board of Directors appointed in 2016.

Mr. Johnson has over 21 years of former military service as an Army Officer in the Signal Corps. He has held a variety of positions that include Satellite Operations Officer, Joint Chiefs of Staff where he managed the allocation of operational satellite communications capacity for all Department of Defense and Government Agencies. He was a Presidential Communications Officer, White House Communications Agency, where he was responsible for the fixed and deployable state of the art telecommunications support to the White House.

Mr. Johnson holds a Master of Arts degree in International Relations & Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, Newport, RI and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Production Howard University, Washington DC.

About DSA

DSA is headquartered in the Philadelphia area and has major operations in Honolulu, HI; Aberdeen and Frederick, MD; Tinton Falls, NJ; San Antonio, TX; Fairfax and McLean, VA; and in other locations in the National Capital Region.

Doc Parghi, Managing Partner, SRI Capital

Doc Parghi, Managing Partner, SRI Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in India and the US. We are usually the first institutional investor in a company. We typically invest between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000 for a meaningful minority interest and prefer to lead the round. We are active investors, providing support to the founders beyond just a board role. We will also selectively do Series A investments, usually $3-5,000,000, either as a lead investor or as a co-investor with other VCs. We bring personal experiences, contacts and expertise to help cultivate ideas, refine business plans, fill out management teams, develop go-to-market strategies, create strategic partnerships and more. Currently an investor in 30+ companies.

Varsha Tagare, Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures

Varsha Tagare is a Managing Director at Qualcomm Ventures and an advocate for diversity in the technology sector. She is focused on the Digital Enterprise and Security sectors in the US. She oversees a $150M fund dedicated to India and cross border Digital Enterprise investments. Varsha was recognized as a Rising Star by Global Corporate Venture Organization in 2019.

Prior to joining Qualcomm Ventures, Varsha was an investment director at Intel Capital, responsible for global equity investments in Mobile Technology.

She has led and managed investments in Blue Canoe, JAMDAT(IPO), Lookout, MindTickle, Mobile365(M&A by Sybase) and Zinier. Her international portfolio includes Capillary Technologies, Enstage (M&A by Nasper), Ideaforge, MapMyIndia, MCX(IPO), Ridlr (M&A by Ola), Reverie Language Tech (M&A by Reliance) and Yourstory. The India Fund has also invested in companies such as Bounce, ShadowFax and Stellapps.

US portfolio for Qualcomm ventures includes companies like Zoom, Cohesity, Ring, Cruise and Innovium.

Varsha has deep engineering and operating experience in Chip Design on Pentium II, Technical Marketing and Business Development Groups at Intel.

Varsha has an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and B.E. in Electrical Engineering from VJTI from the University of Bombay. She holds two US patents in Microprocessor Design.

Paul Martino, General Partner, Bullpen Capital

Paul is the founder of four companies including Ahpah Software (a computer security firm acquired by InterTrust); Tribe (one of the world’s first social networks), and Aggregate Knowledge (a big data advertising attribution company acquired in 2014 by Neustar). Paul’s early online gaming innovations in multi-player user experience from almost 20 years ago are the inspiration for several of the modern social gaming offerings. He is the holder of over a dozen core patents covering social networking and big data.

Prior to forming Bullpen, he was an active angel investor and personally invested in the first rounds of Zynga, TubeMogul, and uDemy. Paul founded Bullpen in 2010 and has led several of its key investments including FanDuel, Namely, Ipsy, SpotHero, Classy, and Airmap. Paul holds a BS in Mathematics from Lehigh University and a Masters in Computer Science from Princeton University.