Using Technology to Support a Winning Culture

Written by Doug Claffey, Energage

And in today’s world, the best workplace culture wins

Clued-in organizational leaders know business strategy alone isn’t enough to succeed in today’s world. They know that if their workplace culture isn’t strong — and if their people aren’t aligned and engaged — even the most brilliant plan is dead on arrival.

Culture change is hard. Smart leaders already know this. And chances are, you’ve experienced leadership trying to turn a company around, only to face resistance as the organization digs its heels. But CultureTech and culture technology is about to change everything.

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Three Imperatives for Successful Businesses in 2019

Lloyd Adams, Managing Director, East Region, SAP North America

The world of technology today has drastically evolved from what it was a year, or even a month ago – that’s the rapid pace of change that companies have to adapt to in order to stay afloat. While previously unexplored advancements can surface at the flick of a switch, several constants have taken hold, dictating how and when companies can operate in today’s marketplace. Here’s a list of developments I see unfolding further in the new year as well as how leaders can get ahead of them:

  • Experience will reign supreme

Other the next year we’re going to see an expansion in lines of business – like marketing, HR and sales – combine more sources of data to better enable them to connect with customers, job candidates and prospects. They’ll not only use transactional data (e.g. what they’ve purchased) but also experiential data (e.g. how do they feel about certain topics) to ultimately fuel greater empathy and a more complete understanding of the individual. I predict that the technology enabling this will leap forward in the coming years. And that will equip people to engage with one another on a far more meaningful level – leading to a far richer customer experience.

  • Brands that stand for nothing will be left behind

Purpose and the potential for brands to enact positive change isn’t anything new, and we’ve seen corporate citizenship and traditional CSR efforts become part of many companies for decades. But now we’re seeing that consumers are demanding more – they will support with their wallets companies that are authentic and accountable and punish those that aren’t.

  • Data ethics will become more important than data analytics

Consumer frustration with companies mishandling their personal data will drive forward-thinking companies to double down on ensuring ethics remain at the forefront. We’ll see these companies pause to consider whether the customer would be comfortable with the way their data is being used, and they’ll shift to an emphasis on forging relationships based on trust above all else. Technology will continue to advance to aid personal relationships rather than replace them, and goodwill will become even more of a competitive differentiator.

In short, business leaders in 2019 should take steps to go beyond being a good corporate citizen and authentically link their brand identity to purpose, mindfully leveraging technology in ways that spark world-changing concepts and seek to generate a powerful experience for customers, employees and others in their ecosystem.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, for the 4th consecutive year, positions Cigniti Technologies in the Application Testing Services, Worldwide.

For the fourth consecutive year, Cigniti Technologies has been positioned as a “Niche Player” by Gartner Magic Quadrant (2018) for Application Testing Services, Worldwide. Gartner is aware of about 300 companies in this market. This Magic Quadrant assesses 20 of the leading application service providers based on specified inclusion criteria.

This report guides sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders aiming to make better decisions to select testing service providers.

Cigniti Technologies has been positioned as a “Niche Player” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services, Worldwide for the year 2018. Cigniti has been positioned in the Magic Quadrant for 4 years in a row. We believe this recognition emphasizes our ability to assist world class organizations in their quality engineering and digital assurance efforts. While we have invested into testing IP, providing good price points to clients and possess the pool of great talent, we establish great stories around BFSI, Travel, Retail, Airlines, Transportation, Hospitality, Hi-tech and E&U industries.

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Everest Group, for the 4th consecutive year, positions Cigniti as the ‘Major Contender’ in Everest Group PEAK Matrix™, 2018.

Cigniti is positioned as “Major contender” in Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2018: Quality Assurance to Brand Assurance: AI Driving the Evolution. This report analyses the changing dynamics of the QA landscape and assesses service providers across several key dimensions.

“As Agile and DevOps models gather steam, the Quality Assurance (QA) function needs to evolve beyond testing and be integrated across the chain to support enterprises’ digital strategies. Cigniti is helping clients achieve their digital objectives by delivering QA services through its combination of people, platforms, and processes. Its flexibility to work with changing requirements is resonating well with clients and helping to deliver consistent quality in its services.” – Everest Group

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February 2019 Spotlights Privakey

Company Name:

Name: Privakey

Address: 1880 John F Kennedy Blvd Suite 1909

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Telephone: 215-238-0510

Email: [email protected]


Primary Contact:

Jessica Donofrio

Marketing Manager

Phone: 215-238-0510 x202

Email: [email protected]

Company Description:

Privakey is a leader in secure customer engagement. We deliver exceptional digital experiences that eliminate the frustration common with sensitive authentication and authorization transactions. We enable consistent biometric identity confirmation at all customer touchpoints to improve user convenience and security in any business process.

Financial Thumbnail:

Early-stage software startup

Product/Business Description:

Privakey technology delivers secure, interactive push notifications to users, allowing them to assert their identities, confirm transactions and assert their consent. Privakey extends the use of mobile biometrics to any customer interaction, regardless of channel. Common use cases include call center identification, money transfers and purchase approvals.

Target Audience:

List the industries you would like to connect with.

Financial services, healthcare, cable/telecom, home security, retail.

List the types of professionals you would like to meet.

We’re looking for engagement with customer experience teams, product managers, and authentication/authorization identity professionals. Anyone seeking to improve the security and convenience of their customers’ interactions.

Latest Achievements:

We recently landed a contract with a significant financial services technology enterprise. Privakey is gaining traction with large consumer retailers and service providers.  Discovered significant emerging opportunity to secure voice interactions over devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


As a company with deep roots in enterprise security we’ve always been frustrated with the notion that advanced security must be at the expense of a good experience. Privakey was founded to deliver both. We’ve focused on improving the customer experience rather than making it more difficult, and building our product with the end user in mind.

At Privakey we challenge the notion that customers should be required to utilize a different method of authentication and authorization for each channel of engagement. We believe mobile devices are capable of improving the security and convenience of interactions across the entire customer experience.  What makes our approach unique is that we’ve created a technology that extends mobile biometrics, like fingerprint and Face ID, that customers already enjoy using to any sensitive customer interaction.

PACT is very important to us as we seek to build our portfolio of early adopting customers of Privakey. Our target markets of financial services, healthcare and telecommunications are prominently represented in the region and at PACT events. Our attendance at PACT events has already led to valuable discussions with these large local enterprises and we’re excited for more to come.

The Mid-Atlantic region’s researchers and startups now have another great resource for funding.

A new Health and Human Services unit called DRIVe – part of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), has partnered with seven accelerators across the country including the University City Science Center, to fund innovative technologies and products to solve systemic health security challenges facing US population.

DRIVe’s public-private engagement model is designed to accelerate innovation and incentivize investors and innovators to tackle health security threats, such as infectious diseases and sepsis. By partnering with accelerators across the country, the DRIVe Accelerator Network is identifying promising innovations and while providing wraparound technical and business development support services.

DRIVe can also invest in the projects using quick, streamlined funding methods with decisions typically made within 31 days of application submission.

Among the challenging problems DRIVe is looking to solve is the need for earlier detection of infection. Specifically, technology that can alert people when they have been infected with a bacteria or virus even before they begin to show symptoms. DRIVe is also addressing the urgent need to solve sepsis, the body’s life-threatening response to infection or traumatic injury. Sepsis is a top cause of hospitalization in America, leading to 250,000 deaths annually, costing approximately $24 billion a year to treat. The number of sepsis cases could skyrocket after a bioterrorism attack or pandemic.

Since establishing the partnership with accelerators, DRIVe made its second contract to Philadelphia-based and Science Center affiliated company, InnaMed.

InnaMed is developing a point-of-care rapid blood testing device to help diagnose sepsis, determine risk stratification of patients and monitor the response to treatments. DRIVe is providing funding to InnaMed to develop a promising biomarker associated with sepsis to be integrated into this portable device.  

DRIVe is open to technologies at any stage of development. Companies or projects don not have to be affiliated with the Science Center to qualify and apply but the Science Center can make direct introductions and help guide the entire process.

Please contact [email protected] for more information about how the Science Center can assist local technologies in getting on the radar of BARDA.

Integrating Clinical and Mental Health

Contributed by NeuroFlow

A recent report from the Bipartisan Policy Center examined the barriers to the integration of clinical health care and mental health services, and identified policy options for consideration in advancing integration of services. Potential opportunities for advancing integrated care include early intervention, grant and demonstration programs, and addressing insurance coverage and payment barriers.

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