A Message to Our Community

PACT is here for you AND can help you NOW

These are difficult times, but businesses will move forward and PACT is here to help you meet your goals – growth in customers, talent and capital. PACT provides opportunities that foster growth and strategic relationships. This approach positively impacts a company’s life cycle – from start-up to enterprise through our core pillars: Capital Connect, Customer Connect, and Talent Connect.

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount to new PACT Members.

Why PACT? Business Growth, Connectivity, Engagement.
PACT provides its Members:

  • Connectivity to prospects, partners, talent and target audience(s) through an exclusive Member directory, a digital community platform and personalized, customized introductions.
  • Free and highly discounted access to virtual programs, live events and conferences.
  • Exclusive member-only access to Digital Content Library
  • Free access for member entrepreneurs to Mentor Connect, a high value team-based mentorship program pairing mentees with a team of successful CEO founders.
  • Opportunities to get engaged and showcase your expertise through pitching and speaking roles at upcoming virtual and live programs.
  • Brand marketing for your business by sharing thought leadership pieces and company news through PACT Times, PACT Blog, social media, Member Spotlights, Company Commercials and Brand Listings
  • Participation in PACT Advisory Boards to get connected and showcase your expertise.

There are many ways to achieve your goals through PACT and we are ready to help. With the current pandemic, we have been hyper-focused on helping our Members efficiently access relief through:

  • Sharing resources on the Paycheck Protection Program, other SBA loans and state/local resources.
  • Providing weekly webcasts of rapidly changing details as well as best practices for business to follow.
  • Lobbying with local, state and federal governments on behalf of our Members to simplify resources and ensure broad distribution of relief.

We look forward to serving you. Please contact Kim Tuski to learn more and get involved today.

The PACT Team

Jennifer Cohen, Mentor Connect
Cheryl Jarvis Johnson, Capital Conference
Kim Tuski, Membership
Dean Miller, President & CEO
Amanda Nardi Di Filippo, Marketing
Danielle Pinto, Programs & Events
Dianne Strunk, Business Development

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